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Apple iPhone trade in values drop
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Want to trade in your iPhone for a newer model? We have bad news

Is the value of your iPhone dropping? Yep. But you’re not alone, and people are not happy.

Apple quietly adjusted its estimated trade-in value for devices as far back as the iPhone 7. Some of these, mostly older devices, have remained rock-solid. Other gadgets have not.

You might want to read this if you’ve got big plans for your old iPhone. It may be worth up to $80 less than before.

How much is an iPhone worth today?

Apple’s official trade-in value list shows iPhone, iPad and iMac users how much they can expect to earn when upgrading via trade-in. Astute fans have noticed one recent change to this list. While new devices have increased in value, many older iPhone models have had their trade-in value slashed.

The difference in price ranges from $5 less than usual to $80 or more.

Some of the most notable offenders? If you’ve got any of the following, selling sooner rather than later may be your best bet:

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max is now worth up to $570, not $650.
  • iPhone 13 Pro is now worth up to $470, not $550.
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max is now worth up to $400, not $480.
  • iPhone 12 Pro is now worth up to $330, not $400.

It wasn’t that long ago that an iPhone 12 Pro trade-in could get you up to $700. As you can see, that’s dropped drastically.

Trade-in value drops like these aren’t exactly new for Apple, as chip shortages and other supply chain issues keep the brand looking for new ways to increase revenue.

At any rate, it’s a wake-up call for anybody who loves to keep their tech recent. While many older iPhones haven’t changed their prices, owners of newer iPhones may want to keep themselves informed, especially if they’re hoping to upgrade soon.

How to get the most out of old tech

Listening closely to the latest Apple news is one strategy. If you aren’t offered a reasonable price to trade in a device, it’s best to keep it and use it for other things. Tap or click for nine brilliant things to do with that old cellphone you have lying around.

Keeping your devices clean and in excellent condition, including laptops, peripherals and wearables, is another. This adds value to your trade-in no matter where you prefer doing business.

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