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Quick tip to stop your iPhone battery from draining quickly
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iPhone battery issues since updating to iOS 15.4? Here’s what you should know

The iPhone has a reputation for being more secure than phones running Android. For one thing, Apple has a closed operating system while Android leans towards open source. And Apple is more strict about which apps make it to its App Store.

Apple rolled out its latest iOS update this month, and with it came some new features and security fixes. Tap or click here for more on the changes that come along with iOS 15.4.

A problem that consistently crops up among many iPhone users is battery drain when updating to the latest version of iOS. It’s no different with iOS 15.4. While battery capacity readings are now more accurate, some users report battery problems since updating. Keep reading for a quick fix.

The waiting game

This is not the first we’ve heard of battery issues following an update. We covered a similar situation last year with the release of iOS 14.5.

Apple is responding to current reports concerning iOS 15.4. Apple Support took to Twitter to assure you that all will be well.

How to keep your iPhone battery from draining quickly

Apple suggests waiting a couple of days following an iOS update and everything will likely be sorted out. If you are still experiencing battery issues, try the following:

  • Try restarting your iPhone again after the update is fully installed.
  • If your phone’s storage space was close to full, the update may have pushed it to its limit. Tap or click here for some tips on clearing up storage space.
  • Your charging habits affect your battery’s health. Don’t run your battery down to zero or leave it charging overnight. Tap or click here to learn how to extend your battery’s life.
  • Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health and check out the Maximum Capacity. If you’re over 80%, you’re good to go. As you get closer to 70% you’ll want to look into replacing your battery or phone entirely.

Don’t let this temporary issue keep you from updating your phone. Essential security features come along with updates, and you’ll need them to reduce the chances of your information being compromised or your phone hacked. Tap or click here to learn how iOS 15.4 can help secure your phone.

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