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iPhone and iPad notification’s screen is changing in a clever new way

Do you remember what it was like the first time your cellphone provided a notification? It was probably for a missed call or maybe a text. Or, perhaps it was an email or a calendar update.

Whatever it was, there was probably a good level of excitement when it happened because it was in that moment the reality of what our phones could do became apparent. With them by our sides (or in our pockets), it felt like there was no way we could lose track of what was going on in our lives.

But as is the case for many things, even the good stuff comes with a bit of a downside. In this case, being connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year can be quite stressful, especially as your phone is always alerting you to something.

Calm down, phone

There are certainly ways in which we can limit the number of alerts we receive, though that does kind of defeat the purpose of having a smartphone. Still, anyone who gets bombarded with notifications probably feels like there is a better way to handle it all, and the folks over at Apple apparently agree.

It has been learned that in the coming months we can expect an iOS update that will, for iPhones and iPads, make managing notifications and alerts significantly less frustrating. The changes will be part of iOS 12, and they will be quite welcome.

So, what can we expect?

For starters, we will no longer receive a single notification for every update. Instead, they will be grouped together by type.

That means you will have one box saying how many new emails are present in your inbox, one displaying the notifications for whichever social media site you are using and one displaying the number of news stories you have yet to read.

From there you can tap on a specific group to then view the notifications from the single app. That could create a long page, yes, but it will be organized.

Along with that, you will be able to swipe left across the notification in order to clear it, view it or manage it.

So what is this “manage” feature?

Screenshot from iupdateos

Screenshot from iupdateos

Viewing and clearing notifications is normal, but manage will be a new feature. Essentially, it is a quick way to mess with options when it comes to apps.

You use it to set up the rules for your notifications. You can have them be delivered quietly or turn them off altogether.

The quiet option means it will arrive in your notification center but not show up on your lock screen, get a sound when it arrives or see any kind of banner alert.

Choosing to turn off the notifications will do exactly that, meaning you won’t receive them at all. While not a new option, the ability to access it quickly is a pleasant change.

Not bad, Apple. Not bad at all

Earlier this month we learned plenty about where Apple is taking their products during their Worldwide Developer Conference. Many new things were unveiled, and there was discussion about what would be included with iOS 12.

For the most part, it was noted that Apple’s update will focus on reliability and performance rather than new features. The changes to notifications and alerts can probably fall into both realms, as it will make our devices perform better but does seem like an exciting new feature. App background

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