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iPhone 8 will have facial recognition features you won’t believe

It’s been a busy week for iPhone 8 leaks and rumors. Since the leak of the Apple’s HomePod firmware code, software developers have been busy digging up references and little details within the code that are pointing to the new features that the iPhone 8 might bring.

So far, keen software developers have revealed clues to a few never-before-seen-on-an-iPhone features based on the leaked code – wireless charging, the bezel-less screen, a SmartCamera with preset scenes and higher video recording capabilities, and facial recognition.

So far, the iPhone 8’s rumored facial recognition with 3D sensing technology (codenamed Pearl ID) is getting the most interest since it will be used for advanced augmented and virtual reality applications, and more importantly, for unlocking the phone.

This 3D camera system will utilize the existing camera module of current iPhones, an infrared transmitter, and an infrared receiver. Aside from 3D facial recognition, the system may also support hand gesture control and will work even in the dark/at night.

There are even rumors circulating that the iPhone 8 may forego the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and it will be replaced entirely with 3D facial scanning. Apple is reportedly having issues embedding the fingerprint sensor within the OLED screen, which means it might get dropped entirely from the iPhone 8.

It’s interesting how Apple transitioned from Touch ID to 3D facial recognition since fingerprinting scanning has been an integral part of the iOS experience. It is used for logging into your iPhone, authorizing purchases with Apple Pay, and even for securing numerous apps.

Although facial scanning is nothing new and is already being used in Android handsets, Apple needs to set its technology apart and introduce more uses for it beyond phone unlocking and secure payments. And what advanced features may those be? More discoveries from the leaked HomePod code may just have the answer.

Notification Mute

iOS developer Guilherme Rambo revealed more discoveries from the leaked HomePod code and his findings point to more clues about what other features the iPhone 8’s facial recognition might bring to the table.

If you can recall, Rambo is the same developer who discovered the iPhone 8 SmartCamera references within the same code. He also suggested that the technology will be able to detect facial expressions.

This time, he revealed that with the iPhone 8, you may be able to mute notification alerts simply by looking at the screen.

To support his claim, he tweeted a specific entry within the HomePod code called “supportsAttenuatingTonesForAttentionDetected.”

Additionally, since Apple’s 3D facial scanning system will use infrared, it will work even when you’re in the dark or you’re not looking directly at the phone. This also suggests that the iPhone 8 may be tracking your face at all times with a feature called “SmartStay,” automatically unlocking itself if you’re looking at it.

Apple Pay with your Face ID?

Rambo also uncovered another additional use for Apple’s new facial recognition technology and that is for authorizing Apple Pay.

Since Touch ID may not be on the iPhone 8, it is believed that facial recognition will take over its functions, including paying with Apple Pay.

He referenced specific entries in the code, namely  “passbook.payment.contactlessinterface with ‘pearl.field-detect'” and ‘pearl.pre-arm.'” As mentioned earlier, Pearl ID is Apple’s code name for its facial recognition technology.

If this is true, will this mean we will start paying for our purchases with our selfies? Just a thought.

What do you think? Are the iPhone 8’s facial recognition features worth the upgrade? Drop us a comment!

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