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No iPhone 8? The latest Apple rumor will shock you

Months before its expected release, rumors surrounding the next iPhone slated for 2017 are really ramping up. We’ve been rounding them up for you and everyone seems to agree that we will see three separate iPhone models in 2017 – two “s” models that will likely be just upgraded versions of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and a premium version codenamed “Ferrari” that may rock a 5.8 -inch borderless, curved OLED display.

Other rumors suggest that this premium version will likely have all big changes slated for the next iPhone including wireless charging, no home button, an all-glass sandwich design with a stainless steel frame and virtually no bezel. This “Ferrari” iPhone may even sport the newer AMOLED technology for its curved screen.

Now, newer reports have surfaced that are suggesting even more exciting innovations to this new premium iPhone.

Facial and Gesture Control

A recent investor research note by Cowen and Company analyst Timothy Arcuri indicates that some sort of facial and gesture recognition sensors may be included in this premium iPhone 8 and these will be enabled by a laser and an infrared sensor near the front camera. These sensors can then be used for additional biometric security and for controlling smart appliances with hand gestures.

Oh, and Arcuri refers to the next iPhone not as the iPhone 8, but as the “iPhone X.” The X suffix is entirely plausible since this year marks the iPhone’s 10th anniversary and X is the Roman numeral for 10.

The other details from Arcuri’s note corroborate what has been reported before – two upgraded ‘s’ models of the iPhone 7 and the premium version codenamed “Ferrari.”

As for the reliability of Cowen and Company’s sources, they have successfully predicted iPhone features in the past. They were spot-on with the iPhone 7’s waterproofing and capacitive Home button and the release of the iPhone SE.

Although we should take Arcuri’s note with a grain of salt, its details still match with all the rumors that are out there right now. We’ll put the facial and gesture recognition features on the iPhone X/8 as a “maybe.”

Better waterproofing

Another rumor that’s making the rounds is about the next iPhone’s dust and water resistance.

As you can recall, the iPhone 7 currently has an IP67 rating, meaning it has the highest level of dust protection and water immersion protection of up to three feet of fresh water for 30 minutes.

The next iPhone 8 (or X), however, may be upgraded to an IP68 rating, as a report from The Korea Herald suggests. This means that it can withstand water immersion for over 30 minutes in up to about five feet of water.

Since the iPhone 7’s closest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S7 already has an IP68 rating, we’ll put this rumor as “most likely.”

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