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iPhone 8 rumors: Apple makes a cut you’re going to hate

So with all the rumors circulating around, what do we know so far about Apple’s next iPhone?

Ferrari red, iPhone X, three different versions, edgeless screen, new form factor, IP68 waterproofing, integrated virtual home button, wireless charging, display embedded fingerprint scanner and a 3D scanning selfie camera.

Whew! With the iPhone 8’s impending release just six months away, leaks and rumors about its “ground-breaking” features are understandably intensifying.

Now you may like most of the “revolutionary” features that the next iPhone are rumored to have but think again –  you may or may not like this latest rumored change.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the next iPhone might ditch the Lightning connector in favor of a USB-C port.

So after removing the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, is Apple “courageous” enough to remove the Lightning port as well?

If it’s true, this will be a big surprise move for Apple since the Lightning port was touted as its connector of choice to replace the “ancient” headphone jack. Ditching it in favor of USB-C will surely be another controversial decision that “Lightning dongle bandwagon” fans may find disheartening.

Switching to the USB-C standard makes sense for Apple, though. The company already replaced older USB ports and other connectors with USB-C in the latest MacBooks. This can lead to a standardization of all the ports for all future Apple gadgets. Additionally, USB-C is also fast becoming the standard for current and upcoming Android smartphones.

If you are wondering what exactly a USB-C port is, well it is smaller than the traditional USB port and it is reversible. USB-C also has twice the theoretical speed of USB 3.0 and it can handle higher power loads. With wireless charging expected to debut in the iPhone 8, a USB-C port can be freed to do other duties, like powering external peripherals perhaps?

We can’t help but take this WSJ report with a grain of salt, though, since we think it’s unlikely Apple is going to drop its proprietary iPhone Lightning connector this soon – especially not after championing it as the solution to the iPhone 7 “no headphone jack” issue.

Maybe it’s asking too much, but the best case scenario? The next iPhone retains the Lightning connector and adds a USB-C port.

What do you think? Drop us a comment!

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