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iPhone 8 launch date revealed! Here’s when you can get your hands on one

Within the last 10 years, since the inception of the iPhone, many Apple consumers anticipated the release of the next version of the device with bated breath every year.

This year is no different; however, with the anticipated lawsuit between Apple and Qualcomm over a phone chip patent, the release date of the next iPhone was ambiguous. Projected shipping delays threatened the timeline for a release date, it even seemed hopeless at one point, until now.

September 12. That’s the day Apple aficionados and techies alike need to mark in their calendar – if it hasn’t been marked already! This expected launch date has now been confirmed.

Of course, Apple hasn’t actually announced anything yet. But several sites that focus on Apple news, prominent tech information leakers, mobile networks, and accessory manufacturers have corroborated this date.

The next incarnation of the iPhone is expected to be launched on Tuesday, September 12, open to pre-orders on Friday, September 15, and go on sale Friday, September 22. However, you may not be able to get your hands on one for a while.

Psst: Curious about what Samsung has to offer? The Galaxy Note 8 was just unveiled and pre-orders begin today!

The amount of phones actually available may be in short supply. Looking at launches for previous models, we know that not many were initially produced to create a good supply and demand ratio for Apple. When the iPhone 7 and 7s came out last year, only people who pre-ordered it were able to get a phone the day it went on sale.

As far as the actual launch event, this could be the first event hosted at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple’s new ‘Spaceship’ HQ. Click here and here to see drone footage of this massive campus.

In addition to the iPhone 8 (iPhone X, iPhone Pro, or whatever they plan to call it), we can also expect to hear about the iPhone 7 and 7s, Apple Watch and a 4K Apple TV.

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