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iPhone 7 trouble? Customer complaints on the rise

Purchasing a new iPhone is a big investment. With the basic level iPhone 7 starting at $649, and the iPhone 7 Plus starting at $769, it should go without saying that consumers expect perfection. For many, that sum is more than a month’s rent.

But after using their new smartphones for a few months, a feed on Apple’s discussion board has been gaining some serious traction.

Customers who purchased the Matte Black version of the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus are beginning to complain that the finish is chipping in areas where minimal wear and tear has occurred.

Note: After reading this article, you may decide to skip the iPhone 7 altogether. Here’s why the iPhone 8 will be worth waiting for.

These images from the thread give you an idea of the type of damage customers are noticing.

If this chipping occurs on your device, your first thought might be to contact Apple’s Customer Support. But that won’t get you anywhere. Customers are reporting they’re being told the issue isn’t covered under warranty since it’s considered cosmetic damage.

For those who are considering purchasing a new iPhone 7, if your hopes are set on the Matte Black color option, you may want to reconsider. Similar issues have also been reported with the Jet Black finish; however, these complaints have been related primarily to excessive scratching.

As far as the other finish options are concerned, the Silver, Gold and Rose Gold colors don’t seem to have the same problem with chipping.

Note: Existing iPhone 7 users need to check the model of their phone. There are two versions, and one of them is slower. Did you get gypped when you made your purchase? Click here to find out.

Problems with the Matte Black finish have been reported as far back as 2012 when the Black and Slate finishes were optioned for the iPhone 5. However, with the release of the iPhone 7, the complaints do seem to be higher than normal, and Apple is brushing the issue under the rug.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing chief, responded to the complaints by saying, “Any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color. That is normal.”

What do you think? Is this issue caused by normal wear and tear? Or do you expect a higher quality finish with increased durability from Apple products? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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