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Is your iPhone 6S on the fritz? Check here to see if Apple will repair it for free

In Sept. 2016, Apple revealed the iPhone 7 family of products. These phones were set to be Apple’s flagship devices — with advanced technology and bold new design cues. But midway during the presentation, consumers and analysts alike noticed something drastic had changed: The device had no headphone jack!

Since then, nearly every major smartphone has gone on to dump the headphone jack. Because of this, Apple’s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have remained a sought-after line of devices. They’re the last iPhones with headphone jacks, and even though they’re showing their age, they’re still remarkably popular on the secondhand market.

Unfortunately for folks still using the iPhone 6S, a new design flaw has emerged that prevents the phone from powering on. To counter this, Apple has announced that it’s extending repairs to iPhone 6S owners at no charge. If you have an iPhone 6S that isn’t booting up, here’s how you can get in on the latest repair program from Apple Support.

New bug, old phone

For some time, Apple’s support forums have been buzzing with reports that older iPhone 6S and 6S Plus devices have been mysteriously shutting off without rebooting. Attempts to power on apparently fail and the phone remains dormant, regardless of whether it’s plugged in or not.

Apple finally officially acknowledged the issue with a statement on their support website that pins the blame squarely on a “failed component.” Like previous hardware failures, the company pledged to offer a support program that would repair affected phones free of charge.

Unusually, this repair program comes more than two years after the 6S was replaced as Apple’s flagship device — meaning almost every one of the phones it would be repairing or replacing is technically outside their warranty. Apple is usually a stickler for this kind of detail, so seeing them change their tune on out-of-warranty repairs for a wide issue is refreshing.

All affected users need to do to qualify is verify that their serial number is eligible. Repairs and service will take place at Apple Retail Stores, or can be mailed in to Apple directly.

I have an iPhone 6S. Am I eligible for repair?

Not every single 6S model has the issue, or qualifies for that matter. Fortunately, Apple has included a handy serial number checker with their online statement to help users determine if their device is eligible. Click or tap here to visit the page.

If you’re not sure what your serial number is, locating it is easy. Simply open the Settings app and select General. Next, select About, and your serial number should be visible in the top series of boxes.

Take this number and enter it into Apple’s serial number checker. You’ll then be informed if your device qualifies. The website will also guide you in placing an appointment with the Genius Bar or shipping your phone to Apple for support. For more detailed information on getting repairs or support from Apple, click or tap here for our Apple support guide.

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