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iPhone bursts into flames by owner’s bedside

When you lie down to go to sleep, where do you lay your phone? If you’re like me then you place it on your nightstand and plug it in so that it charges overnight. Now imagine waking up to a fire because your phone exploded!

Scary stuff right? That was the case for one woman in Florida. Her iPhone 6 Plus exploded while she and her husband were fast asleep.

“My face was so close to the phone that when it immediately went up in flames, it woke me up. I’m luckily a light sleeper,” Amanda Bentz told WFLA-TV, a news station in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Her husband, Kyle, was the one to put the fire out but not before it singed their comforter, her pillowcase, and the curtains. As for the phone, her case melted and the glass cracked and separated from the back of the phone. Amanda said it sounded kind of like firecrackers as it burned.

Watch the WFLA news report below to see more of Bentz’s burned phone.

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Apple said they are looking into the incident. They will be replacing Bentz’s phone for free, as long as she sends them the burned phone.

Although not as frequent as last year’s Galaxy Note 7 debacle, iPhones have been known to explode or catch fire on rare occurrences. In Austrailia, an iPhone caught fire and destroyed the owner’s vehicle. In New Jersey, a student’s iPhone overheated and exploded during class. And, one Reddit user posted pictures of an iPhone 7 Plus that had exploded.

The truth is, anything with a lithium-ion battery (almost all smartphones) has the capacity to explode. Proper battery maintenance can prevent that from happening. Here are a few tips:

Click here to learn about the technology behind lithium-ion batteries and read some more maintenance tips.

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