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New iPad Pro is here – Get an older model for $100 off now

Apple’s spring 2021 event unveiled a lot of exciting news. One of the most anticipated reveals was the new iPad Pro. When this model first came out in 2020, it introduced the LiDAR sensor as well as the magic keyboard accessory.

This spring’s cutting-edge iPad Pros come with an enormous upgrade in the tiny form of an M1 processor. Thanks to these chips, Macs will respond as quickly as iPhones and iPads, waking up the moment you open the lid. Apple says these new iPads will be 50% faster for the CPU and 40% faster for the GPU than its predecessors.

That’s an enormous boost in power; it’s like the computer equivalent of Steve Rogers turning into Captain America. That’s great and all, but you may not need the latest and greatest tech on the market right now. Better yet, you can get the previous generation for about $100 off right now.

1. Get the 2020 Apple iPad Pro (11-inch, Wi-Fi, 128 GB) for $80 off

For the creative types out there, go with the iPad Pro. With its 11-inch retina screen and powerful computing capabilities, it’s perfect for drawing and animating at home or out in the world.

Normally it costs $800, but right now you can get it for an absolute steal. Its liquid retina display is easy on the eye, and it comes with a wide camera, an ultra-wide camera and four-speaker audio.

Grab this silver second-generation iPad Pro for $80 off now.

What if you want this exact same iPad, but just with more space?

2. Good news: the Apple iPad Pro with 1 TB of storage is also at a steep discount

One Amazon reviewer said this iPad is out of this world. “I upgraded from the iPad Pro 2016 and the difference is overwhelming,” they wrote. “I also have an iPhone 11 Pro Max but this feels even faster than that.”

Its LiDar scanner helps you do accomplish any tasks, no matter how strange or out-of-the-box your idea is. (Another Amazon reviewer said they used this iPad to measure a friend for their coffin!) On a more lively note, it can shoot and edit 4K videos, and with the Apple Pencil, you can scan and sign documents.

It’s incredibly capable, yet easy to carry when you’re working on the go.

This lightning-fast iPad is perfect for all your needs, and since you’re getting 1 TB of storage, you won’t have to worry about space for a long, long time. Save yourself $100 by buying this Apple iPad Pro today.

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3. Grab Wi-Fi and cellular connection with this 11-inch, 128 GB Apple iPad Pro

This version comes with more connectivity options. Eleven inches wide, this silver second-generation iPad comes with 128 GB of storage space, as well as all the bells and whistles of the above options. We’re talking LiDar, the magic keyboard, Apple Pencil connectivity, all-day battery life and more features.

Best of all, you can save $100 when you buy it today.

4. Get even more space than the gadget above with the Apple iPad Pro with 512 GB

This gadget comes with an 11-inch screen, WiFi and cellular connection and even more storage space. One Amazon reviewer praised it as excellent.

“I previously owned a couple of iPads that were great, but the Pro takes everything to the next level,” they wrote. “Perfect amount of memory, excellent multitasking tool and amazing screen to watch video of any kind. Highly recommended!”

Grab this high-tech computer for $101 off right now.

5. Need even more storage space? Get the Apple iPad Pro with 1 TB of storage space

The screen on this one is the same size as the other iPads on this list, but it comes with so much space you won’t have to worry about storage for ages. One terabyte of space is all yours to fill with art, documents, photos or whatever else you need. This second-generation silver iPad is speedy and jam-packed with awesome features.

The only difference between this gadget and No. 2 on the list? It doesn’t come with a cellular connection, while the other one does. If you don’t need that, though, you can save yourself a pretty penny by buying this gadget. Grab it now for $99 off.

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