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iOS update removes very important choices and people are ticked off

Keeping your gadget’s operating system (OS) up to date is critical. That’s because many updates come with security patches that stop cybercriminals from taking advantage of known flaws.

Installing these OS updates immediately is the best practice. Unfortunately, sometimes things go horribly wrong.

This recently happened with an Apple iOS update. Things went so bad that some people are extremely ticked off by it and with good reason.

iOS update is causing some major headaches

Apple released its iOS 11.3.1 update this week. It’s said to improve the security of your iPhone or iPad. However, it also addresses an issue that was created with the previous 11.3 update.

What happened was, some iPhone 8 devices became unresponsive after being updated to 11.3. Apple claims this is only a problem for those who had their gadget serviced with non-genuine replacement displays.

Image: iOS 11.3.1 update

If you read the image above from the update, you’ll see that Apple included a note. It basically warns users to not use third-party replacement parts and to only get your gadget serviced by an Apple-certified expert.

This is why people are upset. Apple is removing third-party repair shops as an option to have your device fixed if something goes wrong.

It could end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. Repairs are less expensive through a third-party shop. Think of it like a car and how much more it would cost if you had to get all of your repairs done at the dealership.

Now let’s be clear. Apple users still have the choice of getting repairs done at a third-party shop. But, Apple’s note within the update sure feels like a warning that if you do take it elsewhere you’re doing so at your own risk. Update 11.3.1 cleared up the previous issue but who knows if Apple will release updates in the future if a similar issue comes up. Only time will tell.

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