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If you crack your iPhone screen, Apple has a warning for you

If you’ve just bought the new iPhone 11 released about a week ago and have already cracked the screen, you might want to rethink how you handle your phone. You also might rethink the steps you take to get it repaired.

As detailed by Apple Support in a new post online, Apple will send you a warning if you get your screen replaced through a third-party. According to Apple, a new screen from a non-authorized seller could at worst damage your new phone and at best make certain functions inoperable.

We’ll show you the unusual way Apple will alert iPhone 11 users that their new screens are not up to snuff. And how it could affect any other repairs you need in the future.

Apple has a message for your

If you ever you crack the screen of your iPhone 11,  iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max and have had it replaced by a non-authorized vendor, Apple will let you know with this pop-up warning:

It’s the first time Apple has deployed warnings this way. Apple says you will see a notification on your Lock Screen for the first four days that you use your phone and for 15 days in the Settings app. After that, you can find the notification by going to Settings >> General >> About.

Apple now allows third parties to repair its products, but they must be authorized service providers or certified technicians. These service providers and technicians have been trained to follow Apple’s safety and repair procedures. If screws or cowlings are not properly replaced it could cause damage to the battery and lead to overheating or even injuries.

Getting a properly trained provider is especially important for the iPhone display. It is engineered along with iOS software for optimal performance. A non-Apple display might cause compatibility or performance issues.


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According to Apple, here’s what could happen to your very expensive phone if you go to an unauthorized vendor or try to get the repair done on the cheap:

Multi-Touch issues

  • Multi-Touch might not respond on parts of the screen
  • Degraded Multi-Touch performance, such as missed screen touches or touches not registering in the right location
  • Touches might unexpectedly register during a phone call
  • Display might not turn off during phone calls
  • Accidental edge or palm touches might register

Display brightness and color issues

  • True Tone display doesn’t function correctly
  • Lost or degraded function of the ambient light sensor, causing the screen to dim or brighten incorrectly
  • Incorrect display color calibration, such as appearing too yellow or blue
  • Display isn’t uniformly bright
  • Lower maximum brightness
  • Unintentional battery drain

Getting your screen repaired

If you live in an area where there are Apple Stores, the cracked display can be repaired onsite. You should call the Apple Store or schedule an appointment on its website first.

There was once a time when only Apple would repair its devices, so if you didn’t live in an area with an Apple Store you had to send it to an Apple Repair Center. But as an increasing number of Americans bought iPhones, Apple began allowing trained third parties to do the work. You can find authorized service providers near you on Apple’s website.

Now let’s talk about costs. When you buy an iPhone you get a very limited warranty that only covers any glitches and problems that are Apple’s fault. Apple does offer the Apple+ warranty for $149 that covers repairs as a result of damage you caused to the phone. The warranty lasts two years.

Depending on which model you purchased, you’ve spent between $700 to $1,500 on your new phone. You may not want to add another $149 for the Apple+ warranty. Trust us when we tell you it will be worth the cost.

If you have Apple+ it will only cost you $29 to repair the screen. That’s across the board from iPhone 11 to iPhone 5.

Now, look at how much it costs without Apple+ and for your particular iPhone 11 model:

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max : $329
  • iPhone 11 Pro: $279
  • iPhone 11: $199

That $149 for the Apple+ warranty doesn’t sound so bad now, does it? Before you buy an iPhone 11, think about the information we provided on third-party repairs and warranties — especially if you’re prone to clumsiness.

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