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750 films declassified from U.S. archives including nuclear test videos

The idea of a nuclear war is horrifying! During the Cold War, schools across the country would teach children to huddle under their desks to keep them safe in the event of an attack.

Knowing what we do now, that was a pretty ludicrous safety precaution. Now, researchers are trying to uncover more truths about the effects of nuclear explosions.

How you can watch historical nuclear footage

The U.S. conducted over 200 atmospheric nuclear tests between 1945 and 1962. Many cameras were set up to capture each detonation. This produced nearly 10,000 recordings that have been stored away ever since. Until now.

There is a major problem with these recordings, however. They were captured on film and have been in storage for decades and have started to decompose.

Researchers with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) are in a race against time to preserve this important material. They have been working on transferring the footage from film to a digital format. Also, they have worked to declassify the material and have made public a stockpile of never before seen footage of the nuclear tests.

Here are some of those videos:

Of the 10,000 known recordings, the researchers have found about 6,500. Of those, roughly 4,200 have been scanned and 400-500 have been reanalyzed.

Modern technology has allowed the researchers to discover new information about the detonations. For example, they are able to get more accurate measurements of the fireball growth and can better determine its yield.

Continue reading for more demonstration videos and a link to the rest that were made public.

Click here to see the full list of public videos.

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