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HP recalls laptops for overheating batteries

What’s going on in the world of batteries? A couple weeks ago, Apple admitted to slowing down iPhones with failing batteries. (PssT! Click here to see if your iPhone needs a battery replacement.)

This comes not long after Samsung’s nightmare with its Galaxy Note 7. The popular smartphone had an issue with overheating batteries causing them to explode.

Hold on to your hats. There’s another overheating battery issue causing HP to recall a bunch of its laptops.

Is your laptop impacted?

HP recently announced its notebook computer and mobile workstation safety recall and replacement program. In January 2018, HP started a voluntary safety recall and replacement program for certain notebook computer and mobile workstation batteries.

These batteries have the potential to overheat, posing a fire and burn hazard to customers. It’s extremely critical that you check to see if your battery is affected.

Impacted batteries were sold worldwide from December 2015 through December 2017 in the following devices:

  • HP Probook 64x (G2 and G3)
  • HP Probook 65x (G2 and G3)
  • HP x360 310 G2
  • HP ENVY m6
  • HP Pavilion x360
  • HP 11 notebook computers
  • HP ZBook (17 G3, 17 G4, and Studio G3) mobile workstations

Some of the impacted batteries were also sold as accessories or provided as replacements through HP or an authorized HP Service Provider during the same time-frame.

According to HP, “Many of these batteries are internal to the system, which means they are not customer replaceable. HP is providing battery replacement services by an authorized technician at no cost.

“HP is also providing a BIOS update that places the battery in ‘Battery Safety Mode’ so that the notebook or workstation can be safely used without the battery by connecting to an HP power adapter. Batteries affected by this recall should immediately be put into ‘Battery Safety Mode.’

“Battery Safety Mode is only applicable to HP products affected by this recall. If the validation process identifies a battery as being eligible for replacement, the BIOS update should be applied and the system should be rebooted. During the reboot process, an option will be presented to enable Battery Safety Mode.

“Accepting Battery Safety Mode causes the battery to discharge and to cease future charging until Battery Safety Mode is disabled. HP strongly recommends accepting Battery Safety Mode so that the notebook or mobile workstation can be safely used by connecting to an HP power adapter.

“HP’s primary concern is for the safety of our customers. HP is proactively notifying customers, and will provide replacement battery services for each verified, eligible battery, at no cost. For customers with 5 or more potentially affected batteries, HP has put in place a process to assist with validation and ordering.”

HP also noted that not all batteries in the devices on the list are affected by this recall. If you have one of the gadgets on the list, HP has a tool that you can use to check if your battery is affected. The process of checking is supposed to take less than 30 seconds.

Click here to see if your battery is affected. After following the link, click on “Download HP Battery Validation Utility” and follow the instructions.

Speaking of computer problems, a second critical chip flaw has been revealed and you will be affected by it!

Not one but two critical computer chip flaws have been found that compromise pretty much every computer in the world, including smartphones. This will change the way manufacturers make chips and could take years to fix.

Click here to learn the latest details.

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