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How you can get a new Apple Watch for just $25

The Apple Watch is now the most popular smart wearable in the world. In fact, in early 2017, Apple overtook fitness tracker maker Fitbit to become the largest wearable vendor in the world.

One reason for that popularity is because of the Apple Watch’s growing versatility. Not only is it a little wrist computer that keeps you updated with messaging alerts and notifications, it also has a prominent focus on your health, fitness and activity.

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The Apple Watch can be very helpful with tracking your health, so much so that a life insurance company is offering it with a hefty discount.

Read on and I’ll tell you how you can get it.

Apple Watch for just $25

John Hancock, one of the most popular life insurance providers, has teamed up with Apple to offer a highly discounted Apple Watch to new and existing members of its Vitality life insurance program.

According to CNBC, any customer who signs up for the Vitality program will have an option to get the Apple Watch Series 3 for just $25.

Hancock’s Vitality life insurance program is designed to encourage its members to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle by offering perks and rewards. The Apple Watch 3 costs at least $299 so this is quite a hefty discount.

The fine print

There’s a little catch, though. As long as the Vitality members exercise regularly for two years, beyond the initial $25 payment, they can keep the smart wearable for free.

If not, they’ll have to pay it off in monthly installments based on their activity levels.

According to the Vitality program’s fine print:

You can order Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) for an initial payment of $25 plus tax and over the next two years, monthly payments are based on the number of workouts completed.

How will John Hancock know that a member is working out? Well, the Apple Watch tracks daily activity levels and the user is given a daily goal of completing three activity “rings”: Stand (hourly stands), Exercise (activity time) and Move (calories burned).

With this perk, Vitality program members will definitely have a real incentive to complete these activity rings every day.

As for privacy concerns, the company stated that “safeguards are in place” to protect the data from getting into the wrong hands. The fine print also states that the GPS + Cellular enabled Apple Watch will be available for an additional cost and unfortunately, New York residents are not eligible for the offer.

Not the first time

This is not the first time an insurance company has offered a free or discounted Apple Watch to customers.

Last year, health insurance provider Aetna likewise started its wellness reimbursement program that offered an Apple Watch.

A few years back, John Hancock also started offering Apple Watches to a limited number of its customers – those who bought life insurance policies of $2 million or more. The company is the first life insurer in the U.S. to offer the Apple Watch as a perk.

When the company saw a 20 percent increase in activity from its customers who are using an Apple Watch, it has decided to expand the offer to all U.S. members of the Vitality program.

“About half of the people who received the device achieved their monthly goals and did not pay for the device,” John Hancock’s senior vice president Brook Tingle told CNBC.

However, some privacy groups are criticizing the program for basing the discounts on physical activity. They said that people who are juggling multiple jobs or don’t have time to workout, for example, new mothers and low-income individuals, may fail to hit the daily activity goals consistently.

If that’s the case, they’ll end up paying for the full cost of the Apple Watch.

How to sign up

If a free Apple Watch from John Hancock sounds like a good deal to you, you can check out the program here.

Also, you can ask your health or life insurance provider or company human resources department about any programs that you may be eligible for. You may be pleasantly surprised at their answer!

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