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How you can be the first to get Microsoft Office 2019

Among apps that allow us to be productive, Microsoft Office is one of the most well known and useful. And why wouldn’t it be?

Within Office are programs that can perform pretty much any business-related task there is. Not only that, but the software is easy to learn.

The last major update for Office came years ago, with Office 2016. Until now, that is. The 2019 version is on the way and if you’d like, you can get in on the beta version.

It’s more for businesses than regular folks

Microsoft has unveiled more details about what its newest version of Office will be like, and it is clear they are placing more of an emphasis on corporate customers rather than individuals. The beta version is not an invite-only kind of thing, but you will want to make sure you are ready for it before diving right in.

Like any app, it is important that your device be capable of running it. In this case, Office 2019 is meant to be run on Windows 10. So, if you have one of the older versions of Windows, the new Office is not for you.

Assuming your system runs on Windows 10, you will also need to register with Microsoft Collaborate, which is a portal and service that replaced Microsoft Connect. To register for Collaborate, you must have access to Microsoft’s Dev Center Dashboard as well as have a Microsoft account or credentials.

Those are provided by your employer’s Azure Active Directory. If your employer does not have that, you can register for it by clicking here.

The beta version is for people who will buy the real version when available

If you read all that and realized this could work for you, understand that this is not supposed to be a replacement for actually getting Office 19 once it is released later this year.

If your company is already running Office as part of an Office 365 subscription, nothing will need to be done here. There is no sense in downloading the beta because that version includes many of the new features that will be part of Office 19.

In fact, Microsoft’s plan is to pretty much take the version of Office 365 ProPlus users have, freeze its code and call it Office 19. According to the company, ProPlus users will actually have even more features than a regular Office 19 user will boast.

How to download it

If you check all the boxes for being able to run Office 19 as well as actually wanting to make the change, you can follow a few steps to get it on your computer.

First, you will want to access the Dev Center Dashboard, where you will sign into Collaborate and then click on “Overview.”

Then you will choose “Engagements” from a row of four different options. After that, tab “Office 19 Commercial Preview” from the list of available downloads.

Click “Join,” accept the terms and then click “Join” one more time. To access the preview, you will need to click on the “Pacakges” icon, which will be found in the sidebar on the left.

That will bring up two different items, the “Office Deployment Tool (Win32)” and “Office 2019 Commercial Preview Documentation.” Choose the deployment tool first, as that will install the program. The documentation is exactly that, as it explains how to install the preview, the ways it can be used, how it will be updated and more.

Speaking of Windows 10, a major update is finally here

Similar to earlier major Windows 10 updates, such as the Creators Update and the Fall Creators Update, the “April 2018 Update” will likewise remove a number of older features. Read on and we’ll break down the most noteworthy features of the new “Windows 10 April 2018 Update.”

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