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How to preorder a Galaxy Fold phone

Back in February, Samsung unleashed the next generation of smartphones with its new flagship: Galaxy Fold. The announcement sent shock waves through the mobile phone industry, with many of Samsung’s competitors wishing they had designed such a radical product first. Now, a legion of loyal fans are champing at the bit to get their hands on the Fold.

Unlike any big-name phone before it, the Galaxy Fold is a true convertible product — able to go from phone to tablet and back in a snap with its unique folding hinge. According to Samsung, engineers worked for years to get the design just right for consumers. In fact, they tested each phone thousands of times to make sure they could withstand daily use.

For those of you who want to own a piece of the future today, I have good news. The phone became available for preorder reservations starting April 12. With official preorders beginning on April 15. What do you need to do to get on the list? I’ll give you the rundown.

How to preorder the Galaxy Fold

The hype surrounding the Galaxy Fold is intense, so hopeful buyers will want to get their names on the list before supplies run dry. Beginning April 12, you’ll be able to make a reservation for a preorder spot by registering for more information on Samsung’s website. Click on “Reserve Now” in the upper right-hand corner to reach the reservation page, which will have you fill out some basic forms and agree to receive emails from Samsung.

After completing the form, you should receive an email from Samsung with additional steps to preorder the device. You’re not obligated to buy the device if you’re reserving a spot, but the company does hold your place in line. The official preorder day starts on April 15, so make sure you’re on the list before then. The demand is incredibly high, so expect spots to fill up quickly.

When is the Galaxy Fold release date?

The Galaxy Fold is officially on display and for sale April 26. The phone is exclusively carried by AT&T and T-Mobile, with their stores and select Best Buy and Samsung Experience stores having the phone in stock. Verizon fans, sadly, will have to wait until the exclusive carrier deal expires in a few years or purchase an unlocked device at full retail price.

That price, by the way, starts at $1,980. Yikes!

I guess it makes sense, though, if you consider how much technology you’re getting in a single device. The phone opens up into a 7.3 inch tablet that is capable of wireless charging, running three apps at once, and even accessing 5G networks in the more expensive models.

If this phone is a must-buy gadget for you, don’t hesitate. Samsung is stressing that supplies are extremely limited.  Putting your name on the list is the best way to ensure that you’re the owner of the world’s first foldable smartphone flagship. App background

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