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How to delete and see all the apps you don’t use

Do you love your smartphone’s apps? How can you not?

Instead of logging into a website and scrolling around, looking for content or just a single feature that you use a lot, you just tap. You might tap on the Netflix app to watch TV shows you like. You might tap on the Facebook Messenger app to chat with your family and friends. Or you may have other favorites from the millions of apps on the Google Play store.

Well, there are huge changes coming to Play store apps, including one you’ll love. If you’ve ever tried deleting apps, you know how frustrating it can be. Note: Keep reading for a Play store feature that’s going away!

There’s a new version of My Apps now rolling out to Android users. It makes it easier to organize your apps, choose which ones to update and, most significantly, delete the apps you never use.

This new version of My Apps has four tabs: Updates, Installed, Library and Beta. You can sort Installed apps alphabetically, by size, by last updated and by last used.

If you sort by last used, you can see all the apps you never use (or forgot you downloaded). They’re clogging up your smartphone. Delete, delete, delete.

Another cool feature? With the Updates tab, you can choose which apps you want to update; however, you’ll no longer be able to do batch installs. You can also save time by refreshing your updates rather than exiting the Play store and restarting it.

Google is rolling out the new My Apps now. To get it faster, try this: Clear out the data in the Play store, then restart it.

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