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Hackers spreading malware through digital copies of ‘Fire and Fury’

Cybercriminals are constantly changing the way malware is delivered. Phishing emails and text messages have been a popular technique recently.

But these types of attacks are less successful for criminals the more people become aware of them, which is why they’re always being modified. You won’t believe the sneaky way this new fast-spreading malware is being distributed now.

Some digital copies of a popular book have been found to contain malware.

Are digital books safe?

We’re talking about the recently released book dealing with the Trump White House, “Fire and Fury.” Researcher Michael Molsner said that he’s found pirated digital copies of the book that contain malware.

He said this malware could allow hackers to gain remote access to a victim’s computer. To be clear, official digital copies of the book are fine. The malware has only been discovered in pirated versions.

Molsner told the “Daily Beast” of his discovery and that the official version of the book has 328 pages. However, the compromised PDF versions only have around 230 pages.

Avoiding this malware

As we said, the digital books containing this malware are pirated or reproduced without consent. Pirated books, movies and music are found on torrent sites, which are commonly known to infect users with malware.

The best way to avoid infecting your gadget is to only make purchases on trusted sites like Amazon, and other online retailers.

Also, have strong anti-virus software on your gadgets. This malware in question is easily detectable and blocked by most antivirus software.

Speaking of malware, good websites are being hijacked by malvertising

We’ve all been there, surfing a website when an ad pops up and there’s no way to close it. Then when you try to, it takes you to an unwanted site! Pop up ads containing malware are a growing problem and are hijacking even the most credible websites.

Click here to see the best way to stop them and what online publishers are doing to fight them. App background

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