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Google’s Pixel smartwatch rumors – here’s what you need to know

The Apple Watch may be the top smartwatch right now but it is definitely not the only smartwatch game in town.

We recently told you about our definitive wish list for the Apple Watch Series 4 that will hopefully get unveiled in September.

But what about that other smartwatch that another tech giant is planning?

According to credible sources, Google is working on a new line of Pixel-branded gadgets, including new Pixel smartphones, next-generation Pixel earbuds and its very own Pixel smartwatch!

Now, instead of peddling its Wear OS smartwatch software to third-party partners like LG and Fossil, Google can finally integrate it with its own hardware designs.

Here’s what we know about the Pixel smartwatch so far:

Three models in the works?

German tech site WinFuture reported in May that Google is planning on releasing three versions of its new smartwatch.

The three models are code named Ling, Triton and Sardine.

However, it is unclear if these are merely different sized versions of the same device, LTE and non-LTE-enabled variants or three completely different smartwatches.

Powered by Qualcomm

Other reports are also pointing at a new Qualcomm mobile chip that’s designed for wearables.

According to Qualcomm’s senior director of wearables Pankaj Kedia, the company is set to announce this new chip set this fall, side by side with a “lead smartwatch” that could very well be Google’s new Pixel smartwatch.

Better battery life

Kedia also mentioned that Qualcomm’s new chip will be more efficient and will allow WearOS smartwatches and presumably, the new Pixel smartwatches, to achieve better battery life.

Built-in GPS and heart rate tracker

In line with the latest Apple Watch models, WinFuture also reported that Google’s new Pixel smartwatches will have built-in GPS and LTE support.

The gadgets will likewise incorporate health sensors like heart-rate and stress level trackers.

Release date?

It’s not a definite date but all markers point to a fall release, possibly in October.

Remember, Pixel phones are typically announced in October so it won’t be surprising if the Pixel smartwatch debuts alongside Google’s new phones this year. App background

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