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Google’s new app gives you hands-free control over your devices

Technology is constantly evolving. Faster, more powerful, larger capacity and higher quality are just some of the upgrades we’ve come to expect with our tech.

Added convenience is something else that we’re always looking for. A great example of this is virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri that we can control with our voice.

There’s nothing better than having your virtual assistant do the tedious tasks around the house that we used to have to do ourselves. Alexa, turn the bedroom lamp on, and bam, it’s on. Now, Google has come up with a new way to give you hands-free control over your devices.

Android fans are going to love this!

Google has been working on ways for people to control Android gadgets with their voice for a while now. An app has been in beta testing for 2 years, but it’s now being released globally.

It’s called “Voice Access,” and lets you control your device with spoken commands. As of now, the app lets you use voice commands in three categories.

The first is for basics and navigation from any screen. For example, you can tell it to go back to see the previous page, or go home to return to the home screen.

Then, there’s the gestures category to interact with elements on the current screen. Say things like click next, or scroll up and it does it for you.

Finally, there’s text editing and dictation. Say things like “type hello,” or “replace milk with cream,” to write things with your voice instead of your hands. It’s pretty cool.

Once you’ve activate the app, you’ll see numbers next to everything on your screen that you can interact with. You can issue a command just by saying what the number of the item is.

You can even adjust settings on your device with your voice. Just say “turn on or off Bluetooth or Wi-Fi” and just like that it’s done. Other cool commands let you adjust the phone’s volume, and open or close an app. It’s available now in the Google Play Store if you want to check it out.

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