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Google search helps reverse conviction 40 years later

Doing a Google search is a great way to find pretty much anything in the world that you’re looking for.

Where is the nearest coffee shop? No worries, Google has you covered. When is Tax Day 2018? Again, Google can find that answer for you.

But what if you need help with something a bit more critical, like proving you didn’t commit a crime? Well, the popular search engine can even lend a hand in that.

Google search helps prove man’s innocence

You’re not going to believe this story. Stephen Simmons, who is now 62 years old, was found guilty over 40 years ago of stealing mailbags.

Simmons was arrested, along with two friends, in London in 1975 for the crime. His arresting police officer, Derek Ridgewell, attributed incriminating statements to Simmons and his friends, which helped with the conviction.

All three, including Simmons, were convicted and he ended up spending eight months in a youth detention center. He recently said that this conviction had haunted him for over four decades.

Then, four years ago, Simmons was given some friendly advice by a lawyer on a local radio station’s legal advice program. He was told to do a Google search on the name of his arresting officer.

Simmons Googled the officer’s name and was shocked at the results. He found out that Ridgewell was actually sentenced to jail for seven years for mailbag theft back in 1980 and died in prison a couple years later.

That led to Simmons requesting an appeal of his conviction. After a great deal of research into the case, Simmons’ conviction was quashed by the court of appeals.

This is just an amazing case! It just goes to show you, the power of the internet is strong and most anything can be found.

Speaking of Google, here’s how to erase everything you have ever searched for

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