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Free Google app of the week: Chameleon Run

When it comes to phones and tablets, your chosen system’s app store is your gateway to entertainment. There are millions of games, music players, social media platforms, and other useful tools in these stores. And many of the popular ones are completely free!

Apps that aren’t free normally cost a few bucks. But sometimes you can get them for free from the App Store (iOS devices) if it’s being featured as the free app of the week. The Apple App store has been doing these weekly features since 2012  and now the Google Play store (Android devices) is finally following suit.

A new section in the Google Play store, called “Free App of the Week,” was recently added and we’re giving you a heads up on what’s free for the week.

It’s not clear if this promotion is here to stay. For right now, Google is considering it a pilot program that will run for four weeks. Plus, “Free App of the Week” is only available for people in the U.S.

Chameleon Run

Last week, the free app was “Card Wars.” This week, the free Google Play app for March 30 – April 5 is the auto-running game “Chameleon Run.”

Normally sold at $1.99, Noodlecake Studios Inc’s “Chameleon Run” is a fast and furious platforming game with unique animations and colorful graphics. Each level is a devilish concoction of obstacles and challenges that will keep you coming back for more!

The controls are simple enough, just two buttons. The game itself is easy to learn but hard to master. With its global leaderboards, see if you can beat your own and your friends’ times for each level.

Don’t miss out on this free Google Play game, get Chameleon Run from the Google Play App Store now!

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