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Google launches 3 AI experimental photo apps for iOS and Android

If there’s one thing we all love, it’s snapping instant photos and videos with our smartphones!

We now take this small pleasure for granted, but the convenience of taking a high-resolution spontaneous snapshot with that tech swiss-knife in your pocket (aka the smartphone) is still a marvel to behold.

To assist us in creating our next mobile photo masterpiece, Google has launched three apps under its “Appsperiments” program that use AI to help us make our shots a tad prettier and hopefully, more interesting.

Note: Google’s “Appsperiments” program is a launchpad for developers who have quirky, pet project apps. These smaller apps are typically still in active development (meaning, they’re still in beta) but users can try them out to point developers on ways to improve them.

Storyboard (Android)

Storyboard is an Android-only app that imports your video clips and transforms them into comic books! Basically, it automatically selects six frames from your video and lays them out in stylized comic book panels.

Don’t like what you’re seeing? Layouts can be changed by simply refreshing the app, then new frames and styles will be applied. Beware, this app can be a total time-suck. According to Google, there are over 1.6 trillion combinations you can try!

Ready to create your own comic book? Click here to try Storyboard out!

Selfissimo! (Android & iOS)

Remember those old photo booths that take sequential thumbnail-sized photos? Relive those moments but with a modern twist with the app Selfissimo!

Once you start a Selfissimo! photo session, it takes an automated black and white snapshot each time you strike a pose! If you fancy immortalizing yourself in stunning Vogue-style Madonna poses, then this app is a must-have!

Download Selfissimo! now! Available for iOS and Android.

Scrubbies (iOS only)

The last app in this trio of photography “appsperiments” is the iOS-only app “Scrubbies.”

Scrubbies allows you to become a video-DJ of sorts by letting you do video remixes and record-style “scratching” and “scrubbing” on your clips. These video loops can then be saved and shared for everyone to enjoy. If you enjoy making those vine-style looping videos and GIFs, why not get this app now!

Scrubbies is available exclusively in the Apple App Store for iOS.

This is just a sampling of Google’s “appsperiment” program and we’re expecting more experimental apps making their way to both the Android and Apple app stores soon.

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