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Google Flights adds new money-saving features

Fall is right around the corner and for many people, the upcoming season is the most appropriate time to plan out a family vacation or an out-of-town excursion.

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’re probably familiar with, or at least have heard of Google’s travel search service called Google Flights. This service can help you quickly search for flights and compare their prices based on your departure/arrival times and destination.

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Google Flights is really an impressive service and it could really save you a pretty penny by finding the best travel deals around. And with its latest update, it just got better!

Flight Insights

Google just added a new tool called Flight Insights when you search for a flight within Google’s app. Now, after you enter a travel destination, a new section will appear in the search results.

“Dates” will give you a calendar view of the date combinations with the cheapest prices in green and the most expensive one in red. To see how the rates vary over time, just swipe left.

There’s also a “Price Graph” view that gives you a visual representation of the prices’ fluctuations through time.

“Airports” shows all the nearby airports via an interactive map. According to Google, sometimes just choosing a different airport can make a difference in the price you pay so this is a welcome tool.

You can also find the cheapest dates to reserve a hotel room via an interactive map and weekly or monthly price graphs.

Flight Insights is now available in the Google Search app for iOS and the built-in Google app for Android. Desktop support will be coming later this year.

To read more about Google’s new Flight Insights section, click here for the official blog post.

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