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Gmail now offers the feature you’ve been waiting for

Gmail is one of the most popular email services around. Google says there over 1 billion active monthly users.

Companies don’t stay on top for long unless they are doing things right. That’s why Google just made a terrific update to Gmail that you’re going to love.

Gmail users are able to receive larger attachments now

Google knows that attachments are important when it comes to sending and receiving emails. This is why the company announced that starting March 1, Gmail users will be able to receive emails that are up to 50MB in size.

Keep in mind that it’s 50MB total for each email. So, for example, you can receive two 25MB attachments totaling 50MB but not two 50MB attachments.

This is great news for people who receive important documents from work or elsewhere. Now you are able to get large documents like PowerPoint presentations right in your Gmail inbox.

The expansion in size only applies to incoming messages. The limitations on sending messages will remain at 25MB.

The company is also reminding users that Google Drive is a convenient way to share any files, no matter how big they are. Just remember you have a total storage space of 15G between Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos.

If you’re signed into Google on a computer, click here to see how much storage space you are currently using. The following image is what it looks like:

The expanded receiving option began on March 1; however, it might take a few days to make it to all users. If your account hasn’t been upgraded yet, it should be available soon.

Note: If you are reading this article using the App, click here to see the Google storage example image.

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