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Get ready for the Google Pixel Watch this fall

Apple revolutionized the phone industry when it released the iPhone in 2007. Since arriving, it has been the standard bearer for smartphones, with other brands doing what they can to create some competition.

The Cupertino company looked to change the game again about eight years later, as it unveiled and produced the Apple Watch. With much of the smartphone technology now in a watch, it has proven to be a successful device that you see worn on wrists the world over.

If anyone is going to knock Apple off its perch it is probably Google, which has done a good job with its Pixel line of phones. There have been rumors about it for months now, and it sure looks like the tech giant is about to get into the watch game, too.

Say hello to the Pixel Watch

We know the Pixel 3 is going to launch in the fall, and with that is likely to come a few more Pixel-related gadgets that Google will be looking to promote. Included among those other gadgets will likely be a Pixel Watch.

That the watch is coming is noteworthy because it will be Google’s first foray into that realm.

Reports that it was happening first came out in May, and that followed up Google’s own rebranding of its Android Wear OS to “Wear OS.” There is also the knowledge that Google is working on coding the kind of app you would likely see on a Wear OS device called “Google Coach.”

The app serves as an assistant, one that will provide fitness and health notifications daily. Sure that could work on a phone, but it would be better served with a watch that can actually track and log a person’s physical activity.

Now on their own, none of those notes would necessarily portend an entirely new device from Google. But given the company’s penchant for creation and desire to continue to be one of the premier technology companies on the planet, it seems likely.

Besides, if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. In this case, there is enough evidence to feel pretty confident that we are a few months away from getting a look at a Google Watch.

Ready to rumble with Apple?

Google has had some success with its Pixel phones, and it makes sense the company would like to challenge the Apple Watch, too. There are scant details about what Google will be bringing to the table, but it is at least assumed they will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 3100 platform.

The chip is efficient, and will presumably lead to the Pixel Watch having a long battery life. It figures to also have built-in GPS and a heart rate tracker.

If the watches also integrate and sync up with Pixel phones and possibly even other Android-based phones, then they will have a real chance to make some noise.

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