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Get iOS 11 before everyone else – Here’s how!

Apple’s next system for its mobile operating system, iOS 11, had us excited for the new improvements it is set to deliver just in time for the new iPhone 8 in September. It sounds like the tech giant is truly “cranking it up to 11” with its next version of iOS.

We can’t wait to try out the new iMessage features, smarter Siri with translation support, new Camera and Photo effects and filters, redesigned Control Center and lock screen, improved Apple Maps, new Do Not Disturb Mode, HomeKit 2 and a redesigned App Store.

There are also unannounced features that are worth trying out including screen recording, Wi-Fi sharing, auto app offloading and one-handed keyboard.

Along with these improvements come the caveats – iOS 11 is shifting to a pure 64-bit environment so older apps will be killed off. Additionally, iOS 11 will not install on the iPhone 5C and older nor on the iPad 4 and older, rendering these gadgets obsolete.

Despite these major changes, if you can’t wait to try out iOS 11 now, you’ll be pleased to know that Apple has released the iOS 11 Public Beta! This beta is available through the Apple Beta Software program.

As is the case with any beta software, Apple warns that the builds may contain errors and inaccuracies and it recommends installing the betas on secondary devices only.

Fortunately, beta users who are experiencing issues with iOS 11 can still roll back to iOS 10 if needed. A backup of your iPhone or iPad is highly recommended since rolling back from the beta build requires the reinstallation of the prior version and a full restore of your data.

Additionally, as I mentioned earlier, if you own an iOS 11 compatible device and you’re still using 32-bit apps, it’s better to just hold off and wait for the general release of iOS 11 in September. Hopefully, the developers have transitioned them to iOS 11 by that time.

How to join the iOS 11 public beta

If you want to try out iOS 11 now, you can sign up for iOS and OS X public betas through the free Apple Beta Software program. Signing up for the Apple Beta Program requires an Apple ID.

Upon enrolling your iPhone or iPad, you’ll get access to pre-release builds of iOS.

Important: Again, backup your gadget first before installing the iOS 11 beta!

To start the process, download and install the provided configuration file to your enrolled gadget. After it’s installed, your device will be rebooted.

After the reboot, iOS 11 will then be available like a regular update. Go to Settings >> General >> Software Update and the “iOS 11 Public beta” will be ready for you. The beta is about 2GB in size so make sure you have enough space.


To find out more about the Apple Beta Program, read their FAQ page.

What do you think? Are you willing to try iOS 11 earlier than most? Drop us a comment!

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