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Smart locks and knobs that make it easy to keep your home germ-free

Every time you open your door, you leave behind a trail of microbes like bacteria that linger there until you clean it. And during the age of COVID-19, doorknobs are an easy way for the deadly virus to make its way into your home.

As a result, people are obsessively cleaning anything that comes within six feet of their bodies. But as demand for cleaning products goes up, shortages of cleaning supplies are bound to happen. Tap or click here to see how you can find your favorite products online during COVID-19.

Instead of fretting over a dirty doorknob of fumbling with your lock and keys, the safe, high-tech solution is a smart lock. Not only are these much easier to clean thanks to their flat, numbered touchpads, but some can even use your phone to go totally contactless. Here are our favorite picks you can add to your home.

Biometric door lock uses your fingerprint

Fingerprint locks are a total sci-fi move for your home, and this biometric lock from Dato is the perfect partner in crime. And once you’ve unlocked it with your finger, you can use your elbow to push the handle down. No twisting required, and your hands won’t spread any germs to it.

Smart lock uses chips and your phone

Despite being made of metal, keys can transfer quite a few germs. Luckily, this AL10B smart lock from ZKTeco uses wireless chips that unlock your door with a tap. It’s also smartphone-compatible, so you can unlock it using the accessory app for Android or iOS.

Alexa, unlock the door

How cool would it be to use your voice to unlock your door? Well, now you can thanks to this smart lock from August Home. All you need is a smartphone with the Alexa app installed and you can add this device to your existing smart home setup.

Get all the bells and whistles

We’ve seen locks that work with your voice and locks that work with your finger. But how about we combine all the features you saw above into one product?

This smart lock from Lockly includes an advanced built-in fingerprint reader, Alexa compatibility, and smartphone compatibility right out of the box.

It’s a bit pricier than the others, but the flexibility it offers puts it ahead of the pack. Plus, you can also choose a hinge knob when you check out for easy, hands-free opening. That’s peace of mind you’re paying for!

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