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Galaxy Note 10 launches this week: Here’s what we know about Samsung’s latest devices

It’s been an odd year for Samsung. Between disappearing foldable phones and swivel-tech handhelds, you’d think that the idea well for the Korean tech giant might be running dry — but don’t be fooled. The company has weathered worse before, and now, the time has come for Samsung to debut a phone with perhaps even more hype behind it than the Galaxy Fold: The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

But that’s not the only device set to make a splash this week at the company’s “Samsung Unpacked” event in Brooklyn. Samsung is set to make a slew of new announcements ranging from software to products, and perhaps even some hints at the upcoming tech that’ll be hitting our phones in the next few years.

If you’re eager to take a sneak peek at the future, we’re covering the latest updates surrounding Samsung’s secretive August event. If you’re an Android fan-droid, a Galaxy owner, or just love technology, then this upcoming showcase from Samsung is a must-see.

The Galaxy Note 10 to be unveiled August 7th: What we know

Samsung confirmed to CNet that the company would be officially launching the Galaxy Note 10 at its Samsung Unpacked event in Brooklyn, NY. This event is set to showcase a number of Samsung’s products — so eager fans and industry analysts will be among the first to get their hands on the latest in cutting edge mobile technology.

The Galaxy Note 10, the obvious star of the show, is set to be the latest in the popular line of Galaxy Note phones — which occupy a size category formerly referred to as “phablets.” These larger phones include a digital stylus for handwritten notes, as well as a far more powerful screen, battery, and camera to boot.

While exact details about the Galaxy Note 10 are not known just yet, a number of rumors and supply chain leaks point to some major changes in design and features.

For starters, the phone is rumored to finally give in to the trend of removing the headphone jack — a move popularized by Apple’s “bravery” with the iPhone 7. This isn’t a total loss, however, since the removed jack can free up some space for a bigger battery.

Other rumored features include a precision camera in the stylus pen, a 4-lens camera similar to Apple’s rumored offering, and a much larger 6.66-inch display.

Another feature uncovered from leaked marketing materials points to a pink color option that mirrors the “Flamingo Pink” seen on the Galaxy 10 and 10+ release. Given that such a color already exists, this rumor feels especially safe to consider.

But the ultimate truth of what the device contains or does not contain will have to wait for the morning of August 7th. Let’s hope there are a few more surprises up Samsung’s sleeves once that day arrives.

What about the Galaxy Fold?

Ah, who could forget Samsung’s spectacular misfire from earlier this year? Although the phone showed great promise in its capability and innovation, the actual product left much to be desired — and was riddled with numerous quality control issues that left the device unusable for many journalists.

Its abrupt postponement has left many in the tech field wondering when more news would be unveiled — and up till now, Samsung has only managed to confirm that the device is still coming, albeit at a later date.

But given the fact that Samsung Unpacked is an industry-focused event showcasing Samsung technology, it wouldn’t be too far of a leap to assume that the product will be mentioned in some capacity.

Samsung, however, has been tight-lipped on the matter. And after the reports of the Galaxy Folds breaking for reporters, it’s not really a surprise.

Still, it’d be interesting to get an update on a product that was hyped to change phone design forever. Maybe it still has a shot, but whether or not it takes the stage is completely up to Samsung. Hopefully, it doesn’t let its younger brother upstage it for too long.

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