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Frustrated Samsung Galaxy S8 customers reporting even more bugs

Samsung can’t seem to catch a break. The much-anticipated Galaxy S8 was just released on April 21st, and users have already found several problems. The release of Bixby (Samsung’s digital assistant) has been delayed, the facial recognition software isn’t secure, and the screens are prone to shattering. What else could go wrong?

The latest issue might be the most annoying yet. Galaxy S8 owners don’t have to use Bixby or facial recognition, and they can buy a good case to protect their phone. But phones that spontaneously reboot? That’s a major issue.

Hundreds of users have reported that the phones are repeatedly restarting themselves. The solution to this glitch will probably come in the form of a software update, but one has yet to be released. Samsung hasn’t even commented on the problem.

One Galaxy S8 owner posted about the glitch on the Samsung Community discussion forum:

“So I picked up my Galaxy s8 and everything seems to be working well except the phone keeps restarting itself. I have had it for about 10 hours now and it has already restarted 7 times while I was using it. It happens when I’m using an app like the camera or Samsung Themes and it doesn’t matter if the phone is charging or not. All of a sudden the app freezes, the screen shuts off, and a few seconds later it restarts. Is anyone having the same problem or know of any solutions? If not, I will be going back to Sprint tomorrow. ”

The post has received over 180 replies, many of them detailing similar experiences.

In addition to this bug, the first people to get their hands on the Galaxy S8 reported problems with the screen’s color balance. Several displays had a red tinge them, which may have been due to a flaw in the screen’s design.

To correct the issue, Samsung told users to switch off the automatic color balance and then manually adjust the display colors to your liking. But after more complaints, they released a software update. According to a Samsung statement, the update gives users “a further enhanced ability to adjust the color setting to their preference.”

After last year’s exploding Note 7 debacle, Samsung had high hopes that the S8 would redeem its reputation. So far, it has been somewhat of a disappointment. Once all of the bugs are fixed, and the advertised features are functional, then maybe the Galaxy S8 will be the phone that Samsung fans were hoping for.

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