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Free Netflix? Is T-Mobile’s new deal too good to be true?

As the unlimited mobile data wars rage on, the major U.S. carriers have been duking it out with various plans and perks to entice more customers to sign up. T-Mobile, in particular, has been aggressive in throwing in extras and perks to sweeten its plans for its subscribers.

If you’re a T-Mobile subscriber with a T-Mobile ONE family plan with unlimited data, the deal is about to get sweeter.

Starting September 12, the carrier will start its new “Netflix On Us” program that will offer free standard Netflix subscriptions to T-Mobile One unlimited data plan subscribers who have two or more voice lines.

Typically, a standard Netflix subscription costs $9.99 monthly for simultaneous viewing on two gadgets and up to HD-quality streams. That’s a $120 value you’re getting for free! Customers who want to upgrade to the $11.99 Netflix Premium account that allows 4K quality streams and up to four simultaneous streams will just pay the $2 difference through their monthly phone bill.

Even customers who took advantage of its “line-on-us” deals qualify for the free Netflix offer. However, those on the Unlimited 55+ plans or the 2-lines-for-$100 deal will have to switch to the latest T-Mobile ONE plan to get the perk.

T-Mobile ONE plans range from $60 per line for two lines all the way down to $40 per line for four lines.

Qualified T-Mobile ONE customers can activate their Netflix subscription online, in-store or by calling T-Mobile customer care. Customers who already have Netflix subscriptions can simply link their accounts.

T-Mobile is angling this free Netflix deal as proof that its network can handle unlimited data better than its competitors, taking swipes at how they are altering their unlimited data plans to tackle network congestion. Verizon, in particular, changed their unlimited data plan rates and is now capping its video quality streams throughout its network.

To be fair, T-Mobile also caps its video stream to 480p definition quality on its standard unlimited data plan and subscribers still need to upgrade to the Plus plan to get HD streams.

Are you ready for free Netflix? Click here to find out more about T-Mobile’s “Netflix On Us” deal.

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