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Five useful iOS 11 changes for your iPhone and iPad

With iOS 11’s release just a few days away, iPhone and iPad owners are undoubtedly excited about the improvements and changes it is set to deliver.

We can’t wait to try out the new iMessage features, smarter Siri with translation support, new Camera and Photo effects and filters, redesigned Control Center and lock screen, improved Apple Maps, new Do Not Disturb Mode, HomeKit 2 and a redesigned App Store.

Here are five of the most useful changes we’ve tried so far and we’re sure you’re going to appreciate, as well.

Person-to-person payments

One useful feature making its debut in iOS 11 is secure person-to-person payment support via the Messages Apple Pay app.

This will be similar to other secure payment services like Venmo or Square, Square Cash. With this, you will be able to send, receive and request money using your linked credit or debit card all within iMessage. The funds will be transferred to your very own “Apple Pay Cash Card” and it will be instantly available for you to spend or transfer to your bank account.

Smarter Siri

Siri will get more nuanced speaking voices and will be smarter too with “on-device learning.” This means the voice assistant will sound more natural and will try and predict what you’re going to do next based on your past activity.

Siri will also do English voice translations for a number of languages including Chinese, Spanish, German, French and Italian. More languages are expected to be added at a later time.

CarPlay’s Do Not Disturb Mode

Apple CarPlay in IOS 11 will get a “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode, which locks down your iPhone when you take the wheel. By using a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensing, this mode can automatically detect if you’re in a moving car, locking your iPhone with a blank screen. The mode will also postpone notifications with an option to inform other people who are trying to contact you that you are driving.

Augmented Reality Kit

Apple is making a push for Augmented Reality with the introduction of the ARKit for iOS 11.

ARKit will give developers a standard platform for incorporating Augmented Reality in iOS 11 apps. ARKit will also allow for improved motion tracking and light awareness for a more natural and convincing AR experience. Expect these new iOS 11 features in apps like Pokemon Go soon.

iPad-centric iOS 11 updates

There are a number of iPad-centric upgrades to iOS 11, as well – an app dock that can auto-suggest and accommodate more app icons, drag and drop support between open apps in split-view mode and a quick way to access alternate characters on an iPad keyboard. Notes will also get a built-in document scanner.

The Apple Pencil will also get a continuous markup mode for hand-drawn notes on screenshots. Basically, everything you can print from the iPad you can markup.

Can’t wait until iOS 11 is finally officially released? You can sign up for the Apple Beta Program to try it out before anyone else.

Important note: Although iOS 11 comes with great upgrades, it will also potentially kill thousands of apps so if you rely on older apps, think twice before installing. Click here to find out more about this major change.

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