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Firefox is back, and ready to take on Chrome

Do you ever find yourself staring at your device, waiting for a page to load? That can be extremely frustrating and a huge waste of time.

Think about how much more advanced today’s smartphones, tablets and desktop computers are compared to just a few years ago. It’s been an amazing leap forward.

But to get the most out of what your gadgets can accomplish, we need software technology that can keep up. I have good news, this new and improved browser will give you both speed and performance.

Firefox is back in a big and efficient way

Mozilla spent a lot of time working on a major upgrade for its Firefox browser. Firefox Quantum was finally released last fall and after trying it for a few months, we find that it’s very impressive.

According to Mozilla, Firefox Quantum is powered by a new, cutting-edge engine and is twice as fast as the current version. Not only that but Quantum’s new engine uses 30 percent less memory than Chrome, so other programs won’t slow down during browsing.

Image: Browser memory usage comparison (Source: Mozilla)

The Firefox browser also comes loaded with intuitive features like in-browser screenshots and more. Here are some of Quantum’s features:

  • Built for speed  Quantum has a powerful new engine that’s built for rapid-fire performance.
  • Quick loading pages – Better, faster page loading that uses less computer memory.
  • New Tab – Search across multiple sites, view your top pages and discover new content.
  • Toolbar – Set up Firefox your way. Drag and drop features in and out of your toolbar for easy access.
  • Themes – Makeover Firefox to suit your mood. Choose a new look from Mozzila’s theme categories or create your own.
  • Library – You can enjoy everything that you have saved to Firefox while browsing in one, easy place.
  • Extensions – Personalize Firefox with thousands of extensions like LastPass, Evernote and more.
  • Mobile browsing – Access your bookmarks, open tabs and passwords across all your devices.

Quantum’s impressive private browsing

Mozilla says Firefox Quantum has the most powerful private browsing mode with added tracking protection.

Private Browsing

Firefox blocks online trackers while you browse and won’t remember your history after you’re done.

Tracking Protection

Some ads have hidden trackers that follow you online. Quantum’s powerful tool stops them cold.

Faster Page Loading

By blocking some ads and scripts that bog down browsing, pages load up to 44 percent faster.

We’ve covered a few of Quantum’s excellent features here, there are plenty of others. Give it a try for yourself and see what you think.

Click here to learn more about Firefox Quantum and download the browser.

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