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Easy new way to find your iPhone – even if the ringer is off

When tech giants exist in the same space, a rivalry is inevitable. This ranges from lighthearted poking through advertising or aggressive campaigning and lawsuits. We, the users, are usually forced to pick a side. But some companies realize they can retain their customer base and expand interest in their products by offering greater compatibility with other devices and platforms.

Windows is the most popular operating system globally, so it makes sense that Windows compatibility makes for a good selling point. You can run Windows on a Mac using Apple’s built-in Boot Camp Assistant. And now, you can connect an Android phone to a Windows PC.

Apple and Google are at the top of the mobile heap with their iOS and Android operating systems. Fans swear by their iPhones and Android smartphones, but it seems Apple and Google have been lifting restrictions on each other’s platforms lately. Lost your iPhone? Read on to see how Google can help.

Hey Google, find my iPhone

You can now use Google Assistant to find your iPhone. Just say “Hey Google, find my iPhone” to your Google smart speaker or display to ping your missing phone. Google Assistant will ring your iPhone for 25 seconds. Here’s how to set it up:

  • Open the Google Home app.
  • Tap Settings > Notifications, then turn on Allow Notifications.
  • To ping your iPhone even when it’s set to silent or do not disturb, tap Settings > Notifications > General notifications and turn on Critical alerts.

You’ll also have to set up Voice Match if you haven’t already:

  • Open the Google Home app.
  • Tap on your account in the top-right corner and verify that the Google account is the one linked to your smart speaker or display.
  • Tap Assistant settings > Voice match > Add a device and check off any devices you want to use to find your iPhone.
  • Tap Continue > I agree.

More Assistance from Google

Google announced more updates for its smart assistant this week. Here are some of the highlights:

  • More people are ordering delivery and takeout online due to the pandemic. Assistant can now help you get your food from partner restaurants using its human-sounding Duplex. Find a restaurant on the Google App and select Order Online or Order Pickup. Make your order and then select check out. Assistant will navigate the site and fill out your contact and payment details using Google Pay and synced Chrome Autofill.
  • New sunrise and sunset Routines are available for Google smart devices. Select the New routine tab in the Google Home app or Assistant settings, then add starter under how to start. Customize the time and actions you want under Sunrise/sunset.

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