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Finally, FM radio comes to our smartphones

Most people these days use at least one music streaming service. Whether it’s Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, or another, there are plenty of great options to choose from.

One downside to premium services like these is you typically have to pay a monthly fee, and who wants to accumulate more bills? Not only that but what if you’re in a severe weather, or domestic terrorism situation and need to listen to breaking news reports? You’ll need to turn to the good-ole terrestrial radio for that.

The problem with that is you might not be near a radio or power could be down and your radio doesn’t work. Which is why it would be nice to access FM radio with our smartphone. Unfortunately, many phone manufacturers are blocking access to FM radio. Good news, that’s about to change.

Samsung brings back FM radio

Samsung phones have hardware that supports FM radio reception, however the feature wasn’t available on its unlocked Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus when they were released. That’s because they were missing the needed NAB FM API.

Now, Samsung is correcting this issue with a software update. Its June update will add the API, which will allow users to listen to FM radio on their Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus. (Note: To successfully listen to FM radio this way you’ll need wired headphones plugged in to the phone and they will act as an antenna.)

As always, it’s a good idea to update your gadgets whenever one is available. Not just so you can listen to FM radio but also to get security patches, and there are security patches in this update.

Speaking of new technology, smell technology is coming to VR and online shopping

Most technology has so far targeted mainly our sense of sight and sound. Soon, we may be able to sense, transmit, and receive smell through the internet. Applications range from virtual reality to online shopping. Listen to what the future of your digital life holds for your nose. It’s fun and exciting!

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