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Final iPhone 8 design leaked, and it looks amazing!

We’ve been hearing about iPhone 8 rumors since before the iPhone 7 was even released! In the past several months, reports about its features have gone back and forth or even conflicted with each other.

However, every leaker swears up and down that they know the truth. It’s gotten to the point where one company is so confident in the rumors that they are already selling accessories!

Olixar, a smartphone and tablet accessory manufacturer, recently started selling iPhone 8 cases. They are accepting pre-orders and the pictures of the cases include what they say are accurate depictions of the front and back of the iPhone 8.

The MobileFun website, which is selling the Olixar cases, told 9to5Mac that the cases were created using “information and schematics they’ve (Olixar) acquired through their factories and contacts in the far east.”

According to theMobileFun website, the cases will be available in nine colors: crystal clear ($10.99), black ($26.49), jet black ($21.49), black edges with a clear back($10.99), metallic gray ($21.49), silver ($21.49), gold ($21.49), red ($26.49), and rose gold ($26.49).

Other companies have pulled similar moves but not normally this far ahead of the official launch in Septemeber. Do you like what you see? If so, click here to order a case.

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