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Exploding iPhone shreds man’s hand with shards of glass

Exploding lithium batteries, especially on smartphones, has been the “hot topic” since the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year. Although the Note 7 fiasco is all but over now, reports of smartphones inexplicably exploding is still a cause for concern.

It begs the question, are these occurrences your regular one in a million flukes or is there something fundamentally wrong with smartphone batteries?

Take this latest exploding iPhone complaint, for example.

42-year-old Lee Hayes, based in England, said that his almost-new iPhone 7 suddenly exploded on his hand while he was swiping it to take a call. The ensuing blast speared his hand with small glass projectiles.

All photos credited to Peter Powell

“It was on the bench in the kitchen and I heard it ringing. As soon as I touched the screen to answer it the phone just exploded,” Hayes told The Sun. “There was a loud bang and a sizzling noise and the force of the blast shattered the screen.”

The dad of four said he had owned the iPhone 7 for only three days before the incident. He is left with burns and is still removing the pieces of glass embedded in his hand.

All photos credited to Peter Powell

“Loads of tiny shards of glass were embedded in my hand and my girlfriend has been picking them out for days,” Hayes continued.

Hayes is also a semi-pro darts player (nicknamed The Scorpion) but since his right hand is injured from the blast, he will have to take time off from the sport.

For all the injuries he suffered, he still believes it could have been worse though. “I could have lost my hand,” he recalled. “My girlfriend’s two-year-old son was in the house so it could have just as easily been him.”

The incident also left physical damage in his house. “The phone was so hot it left a mark on my kitchen unit where it had been sitting. It filled my home with horrible fumes too.”

All photos credited to Peter Powell

Note: This is not the first time an iPhone has caught fire this year. Earlier, an Arizona woman’s iPhone also caught fire while another exploded in a repair shop.

Hayes has complained to his phone provider O2 and they have already replaced his iPhone 7. However, O2 has refused to give him compensation. He is now considering pursuing legal action.

What do think? Is this latest exploding iPhone 7 news a cause for concern? Drop us a comment!

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