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Exploding iPhone caught on camera, should you be worried?

OK Samsung, you may be off the hook. It looks like your devices are not the only ones with the potential to…umm…turn into exploding balls of fire.

That’s not to say Samsung products don’t do that — just recently a Texas couple’s washing machine blew up — so they are not the only ones with an issue. In this case, it was an Apple iPhone that lit up in flames.

Fortunately, there is footage of it happening when the phone was in a repair shop to be worked on. While not all details have been released, it’s probably safe to say the phone can no longer be fixed.

Check out this footage, because this video is crazy

Fortunately, no one was hurt, which allows us to appreciate just how crazy it is.

Here’s what we know: the phone (we’re not sure of which model) was in a Las Vegas repair store, just sitting on a table when it randomly ignited. An employee was sitting just a few feet away when it happened.


The phone burned itself out in less than 20 seconds. According to Las Vegas TV station KTNV, the phone was in the shop to have a cracked screen replaced.

Now, why did it need to be replaced? Apparently, it cracked due to heat damage as the battery expanded. This is starting to make sense.

Should I be worried?

The idea that phones can explode is not new, though it is also not something that happens often. Anything with a lithium-ion battery is capable of catching fire, especially if the battery is broken or damaged in some way.

That, or extreme heat, can lead to what you saw in the video. That could happen from overuse, overcharging or simply being in a very, very warm climate.

It is important to be mindful of all those factors while understanding that a damaged battery or overheated phone does not guarantee that it will eventually explode. But if you notice your phone getting excessively warm, try giving it a break from use or unplug it from being charged. Taking it out of direct sunlight is a good idea, too.

And, if your battery is damaged, make sure you replace it with one that is certified by the manufacturer. Yes, even if it costs a little bit more. Oh, and once you have the battery, make sure it is installed exactly according to the phone’s specifications.

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