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Exploding iPhone 7 Plus turning heads – Was it a fluke, or sign of bigger problems?

We’ve been telling you for months about Samsung’s exploding Galaxy Note 7 nightmare. The official cause of the exploding phones is what we’d thought all along, battery problems. Click here to read our detailed explanation of what happened.

Now, it looks like similar issues could be happening with other phone manufacturers. Apple is currently investigating an exploding iPhone 7 Plus.

Are iPhones now a fire risk?

This isn’t the first reported case of an exploding iPhone. Apple customers in China started complaining last October to a consumer watchgroup that their iPhone either caught fire or exploded.

Apple looked into those reports and said the gadgets overheated due to prior damage. Click here if you want to read its full response.

What’s happening now is, a woman in Arizona posted images on Twitter this week of her iPhone 7 Plus that caught fire and exploded. Brianna Olivas said, “So my iPhone 7 plus [sic] blew up this morning was [sic] not even using it, literally no explanation for this.”

If you click on the Tweet below, you will also see a short video of the phone on fire. (Warning! The video does contain some vulgar language.)

Note: If you are reading this article using the app, click here to see images of the damaged iPhone.

Olivas said she had problems with the phone not powering on previously and that she had taken it to an Apple store the day before it exploded. Apple’s techs tested the phone and told her there was nothing wrong with it and it was working properly again.

The very next morning, the phone was charging while she was asleep and smoke started billowing out of it. Her boyfriend grabbed it and tossed it into the bathroom. It then exploded and more smoke started rolling out of it.

Olivas turned the damaged phone over to Apple for testing. She said the company told her test results should be back within a week. An Apple spokesperson said, “We are in touch with the customer and looking into it.”

Smartphones have one important thing in common, they all use high capacity lithium ion batteries. Does this mean phone manufacturers need to look into new battery technology?

It will be interesting to find out Apple’s test results on this latest incident and see if there is a connection with Samsung’s battery problems. Keep checking our Happening Now section and we’ll let you know of any updates.

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