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Exciting new Windows 10 features you’re going to love

Have you upgraded your gadget to Windows 10 yet? I’m sure many of you have since Microsoft says that there are over 400 million gadgets running the operating system worldwide.

If you have made the change, we have good news. Updates to the operating system will begin rolling out in the next few weeks.

What you can expect with the Windows 10 update

The latest announcement dealing with Windows 10 is that improvements are coming to the Mail and Calendar apps. These are the features that users will begin seeing over the next month:

Focused Inbox

The Mail app will separate your inbox into two tabs, Focused and Other. The emails that you most likely want to act on will appear under the Focused tab. The rest will remain easily accessible but out of the way.

Messages that appear under the Focused tab are determined by an understanding of the people you most often interact with, along with the emails’ content.


Mentions make it fast and simple to connect with someone. All you need to do is add the @ symbol anywhere inside the body of the message. This will bring up your frequent contacts as well as access to your directory.

As soon as you select a person to address, their name is highlighted in the message in blue, letting them know they are being asked to take action. If the person is not already a part of the conversation, they will automatically be added to the To: line and they will get a copy of the email.

Color categories for calendar events

The Calendar app update allows you to categorize events in a variety of colors. This enables you to quickly scan and visually associate similar events and plan your time more efficiently.

Reservations and deliveries

Simplified summary cards are being added to your inbox and calendar, enabling you to quickly get travel reservations and package delivery information. You can also check in for flights, change hotel and rental car reservations or track the latest package delivery status with the touch of a button. You can also easily set up reminders for these events.

These new features deal with Windows 10 Mail and Calendar apps. Continue reading for other updates that are on the way.

Here are some other Windows 10 features that are on the way:

Note: If you are reading this article using the App, click here to watch a video that reveals Windows 10 update features.


Following Android and iOS’s footsteps, Microsoft is testing its own Windows picture-in-picture support called “Compact Overlay.” This feature will allow you to do a task in a small window, watching a video for example, that overlays on top of all other applications on the screen. This will be handy with Skype calls and other video chat services for sure. Universal Windows app developers will have to enable support for Compact Overlay for their apps, though.

Dynamic Lock

Another useful feature is Dynamic Lock. This lets you pair a Bluetooth smartphone and it will automatically lock your Windows 10 PC when the smartphone is out of range. This will be a useful security feature for users who have the habit of not locking their desktops when stepping away from their desks.

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