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iPhone 11 is here! All the details and everything else Apple just announced

It’s finally here. With school back in session and fall starting to creep up on us, the only thing missing from the season was the yearly tradition of Apple announcements. That all changed when Tim Cook took to the stage and unveiled the newest devices in the company’s arsenal, including a refreshed line of iPhones.

But what other new items did Apple have up its sleeve? The company had prepared a few new variations of the iPhone in its pipeline, as well as a slew of services like Apple TV Plus and Apple Arcade. But, in a surprise series of moves, the company even had a few new product announcements to engage its fans and followers with.

We have all the latest details on Apple’s latest products and services, their high-tech features and stunning new designs. Here’s everything we know about Apple’s fall release schedule, as well as whether these highly anticipated products are worth your time and money this year.

Apple’s ‘iPhone 11’ and ‘iPhone 11 Pro’ series make their debut

We’ve previously covered the mysterious iPhone 11, but Apple’s true announcements blew our expectations right out of the water. As it turned out, rumors of a special “Pro” series phone ended up panning out, leading to two new product lines under the iPhone family banner.

Apple’s latest mainline phone, the iPhone 11, features a dual-lens, wide-angle camera that performs better in low light and uses artificial intelligence (AR) to fill in details or touch up mistakes.

This camera features a brand new wide-angle lens that allows users to zoom out beyond the ordinary confines of what the iPhone’s camera could previously handle. In addition, the phone boasts an upgraded, all-day battery life and a range of brand new color finishes for users to choose from.

Also announced was the “iPhone 11 Pro” with exclusive features. The deluxe model, available in the same two sizes as last year’s XS, comes with exclusive colors like Midnight Green and features a stainless steel enclosure. The triple-lens camera also uses brand new, machine learning algorithms to sort through image processing and produce movie-studio quality images from a single shot.

Interestingly, the Pro does keep the lightning connector but includes a “fast charger” to help it get up to power even faster than before.

For those still on the fence, another new rumor about build quality ended up being completely accurate. According to reports from Bloomberg, the latest phones were engineered to be tougher than before, with much stronger drop resistance and water protection.

Pre-orders begin Friday, Sept. 13, and will ship on Sept. 20. The iPhone 11 retails for $699 respectively, with the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max retailing for $999 and $1,099.

Apple Watch Series 5 includes an always-on display

As with the iPhone, the Apple Watch received some new models as well as some much-needed software facelifts.

The new Apple Watch Series 5 features something you might find on an ordinary watch: a constantly visible display that never goes dark. Amazingly, the watch is able to keep its battery life the same as before while managing to always project the apps you’re using.

In addition to this, some spec bumps are in order for the latest watch, as well as price drops on the previous year’s models as per usual.

New, however, is an experience exclusive to Apple Retail stores where you can design and pair your watch with a strap of your choice before you even take it home. How’s that for customization? The Apple Watch Series 5 retails starting at $399 and is available to order now.

A newer, faster, and bigger iPad coming this fall

Not content with focusing squarely on iPhones this fall, Apple managed to line up a few announcements for the handset’s larger cousin. Earlier this year, we saw refreshes to the iPad Air and iPad mini, but now, Tim Cook seems to have set his sights on the basic iPad model.

The iPad will see a larger 10.2-inch display as part of its refresh. This means the end of the 9.7-inch iPad, which has been the device’s traditional measurement for almost a decade. The new iPad also features upgraded internals and longer-lasting battery life. The new iPad goes on sale today and retails starting at $329.

All about Apple TV, Apple Arcade and other services

Although much less impactful on the market than product releases, Apple’s new service announcements are nothing to sniff at. First on the agenda was a new trailer for “See,” an Apple original show starring Jason Momoa (better known as Aquaman) that debuts in November.

In fact, Apple’s entire streaming service goes live Nov. 1, and will only cost $4.99 per month for a family account. Best of all, owners of new iPhones and iPads will get a year’s worth of the service free of charge.

Also notable is Apple’s upcoming Arcade service, which debuted a series of stunning, high-resolution games from major developers like Konami. The game streaming service goes live on Sept. 19 and will be available for all iOS users on the latest software to check out for themselves.

Speaking of the latest software, iOS 13 is set to launch on Sept. 19th, which is one day before the phone ships to customers. Make sure to mark your calendars so you can take full advantage of all the new goodies that Apple has packed in for iPhone owners old and new.

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