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Equifax has more bad news about the already massive security breach

By following us here at, you already know about the enormous Equifax data breach. If you haven’t already done so, click here to find out if your critical data has been affected.

The number of consumers first thought to be impacted by the breach was horrifying. Now, Equifax is admitting that the breach is even worse than originally thought.

How the Equifax breach is worse

Originally, the number of consumers impacted by the Equifax breach was 143 million. As if that wasn’t bad enough, brace yourself, the news just got worse.

Equifax announced this week that the security firm it hired has completed the forensic portion of its investigation. The completed review showed that roughly 2.5 million more U.S. consumers were impacted by the breach. The number is now up to a total of 145.5 million. Yikes!

Apparently, there has not been additional victims since reports of the breach first came out. The number was always 145.5 million, they had just not all been accounted for until now.

Equifax said it will mail written notices to all of the additional potentially impacted consumers soon. It’s also updating its website to reflect the new number of victims.

The company will extend its free services until the end of January, like a credit freeze, to help consumers deal with the breach. Click here to learn how to set up a credit freeze.

There’s one thing everyone must do with their Social Security number following the Equifax breach

Over 145 million people have been affected by the Equifax data breach, and it keeps getting worse. I’ve shared critical steps you need to take, but there’s one step you may have missed that leaves you wide open to ID theft. Here’s how to protect your SSN, and why it’s so urgent. If you don’t do this now, hackers will.

Click here and learn how to protect yourself before it’s too late.

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