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Eight iOS 11 features Apple kept secret

Apple’s announcement of iOS 11 had us excited for the new improvements and updates it is bringing to the mobile platform. It sounds like the tech giant is truly “cranking it up to 11” with its next version of iOS.

We can’t wait to try out the new iMessage features, smarter Siri with translation support, new Camera and Photo effects and filters, redesigned Control Center and lock screen, improved Apple Maps, new Do Not Disturb Mode, HomeKit 2 and a redesigned App Store.

However, now that the developer beta is available, hidden iOS 11 features that were not announced in the conference are being discovered by early testers. While these unannounced changes are welcome and can prove to be useful, we are worried that a few may open privacy risks.

1. Screen Recording

iOS 11’s new built-in “Screen Recording” feature lets users capture a video of anything on an iPhone’s screen and automatically save it to its Camera Roll.

iOS screen capture has always been possible by connecting an iPhone or iPad to a Mac via USB. However, iOS 11’s Screen Recording option will make it dead simple by doing it on the gadget itself.

Screen Recording on iOS 11 can be accessed via a Control Center shortcut and users can quickly record a video of an iPhone’s screen instantly.

Although this feature is a great visual tool, especially for educational purposes, it can also be a privacy risk if not used properly.

As testers from Mic discovered, iOS 11 can even screen capture videos from messaging service Snapchat without notifying the user. They noted that although screen recording stops when the iOS Camera app is activated, it doesn’t do the same with Snapchat.

iOS 11’s public rollout isn’t until September and we’re hoping that developers, especially those for messaging services, will update their apps to take native screen recording into account.

Wi-Fi Sharing

Another new iOS 11 feature that was unannounced is instant Wi-FI sharing. This allows you to share your Wi-Fi network password automatically with a single tap without spelling it out. This can be another potential privacy risk but we can’t deny its convenience and usefulness.

This is how it works. When an iOS 11 device is in range of your Wi-Fi network and tries to connect, iOS 11 gadgets already connected to the network will display a pop-up card saying that a new device is trying to join it. All you have to do then is to tap the card and “accept” the device to send the password automatically over-the-air. Finally, no need for memorizations and clunky post-its when your friends and relatives come over!

Automatic app offloading

iOS 11 will also introduce a feature that can free up storage space automatically. It’s called Offload App and it will delete unused apps from your device but retain their settings and data. This will ensure that your iOS gadget will be running smoothly as much as possible all the time. All offloaded apps can be downloaded again at any time without document, settings and data loss.

One-handed keyboard

This will be a welcome function for iPhone Plus owners – a one-handed QuickType keyboard. This shifts all the keys to one side of the screen so you can type more effectively with just one hand. This mode can be activated by holding down your iOS 11 keyboard’s emoji key.

More iOS 11 secret features

Here are other unannounced iOS 11 features that worth knowing about:

  • Built-in QR code reader in the Camera app
  • FLAC audio support
  • Expanded NFC support
  • Siri text searches

What do you think? Are these unannounced iOS 11 features things that you might use regularly?

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