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Drastic iPhone 8 change you’ll absolutely love (or hate)

While we’re still about nine months before its impending release, rumors about the iPhone 8 and the radical redesign slated for it are churning out faster than you can say “no headphone jack.”

We’ve rounded up the early rumors before – all-glass casings, three different models, edgeless screen, thinner bezels – and this hype machine is just warming up!

Now, the latest rumor suggests something even more radical.

Reports are emerging that Apple might replace the OLED model’s glass screen with an all-plastic material that will curve all around the smartphone’s front.

The plastic OLED screens will be supplied by South Korean tech company Samsung, which coincidentally, is also Apple’s chief rival in the smartphone space.

This report also reinforces the rumor that three iPhone 8 models are to be released in 2017.

“The OLED version of the new iPhone will all be curved as Apple ordered all plastic OLED — not glass — from Samsung Display. Samsung is capable of supplying a little less than 100 million units of curved OLED displays to Apple,”  a source told The Korea Herald.

Plastic OLED is already being used by Samsung for its curved display TVs and phones like the Galaxy S7 Edge. All iPhone models produced so far still use Gorilla Glass screens from Corning.

Aside from their flexibility, OLED screens also have pixels that are self-illuminating that do not rely on other light sources like LED screens do.

But what might really set apart the iPhone 8 OLED curved screen from Samsung’s is Apple’s use of hardware capable of new sensing technologies.

“The upcoming iPhone may use new sensing technology, which enables the phone to respond when users touch any side of the device. But, Apple may not adopt this technology,” the source added.

iPhone 8 Concept

iPhone 8 Concept Design by Veniamin Geskin

The report also stated that Samsung’s curved OLED production capacity for Apple this year stands at around 70 million to 100 million units. This is about half of the average annual sales of the iPhone, which stands at around 200 million units a year.

This suggests that the other half of the projected sales will come from the non-OLED iPhone 8 models that will still use glass and liquid crystal displays (LCD) from LG and JDI as their screens.

As rumored earlier by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, three 2017 iPhone versions will be launched – a new 4.7-inch model, the 5.5-inch Plus model, and a new 5.8-inch model.

Taking all these rumors together, the 5.8-inch model may feature the highly-anticipated curved edgeless plastic OLED screen while the 4.7- and 5.5-inch models will retain the glass LCD screens.

What do you think about this all-new curved plastic screen iPhone? Drop us a comment below!

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