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Sleeping next to your phone is a bad idea – Here’s why

Many of us use our mobile phones when we get into bed at night. It’s often also the first thing that we grab when we wake up. We like to keep our phones close by for a variety of reasons. Missing an important call or an emergency could spell disaster.

Others have become so accustomed to having their phone close by that anxiety can set in when it is out of view. This could be a sign that you might be addicted to your mobile phone. Tap or click here for 10 ways to get better sleep.

That isn’t the only reason why having your phone next to you at night is a bad idea. Keep reading to find out why you should stay away from mobile devices when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep.

Here’s the backstory

It might seem obvious, but the purpose of sleep is to relax your body and, most importantly, wind down and relax your brain. Using your phone right until you switch off the light keeps your brain engaged for much longer.

This will increase the time it takes for you to fall asleep, and it can influence the sleep cycles your brain needs to go through. Apple attempted to combat the effects of emitted blue light by introducing Night Shift in 2016.

It’s a step in the right direction, but a recent study found that features like Night Shift don’t improve your sleep. Brigham Young University put the theory to the test. “There were no differences across the three groups. Night Shift is not superior to using your phone without Night Shift or even using no phone at all,” the researchers wrote.

Notifications and all-night buzzing

There is usually a scene where the sleeping protagonist misses a call as the phone buzzes away next to them in any thriller film. While they don’t wake up from the disturbance, most of us in real life do.

Putting your phone on silent isn’t enough. Buzzing from texts, emails or social media apps probably won’t fully wake you, but it will be enough to pull you out of an important sleep cycle.

The best option is to set up Do Not Disturb times. During the specified period, all calls, texts, emails and notifications will be muted. There will be no buzzing or ringing. The content will still be delivered, but you won’t be notified about it.

Concerned about an emergency? You can set up the mode to allow calls from certain numbers to come through immediately.  

Risks of radiation or fire

The jury is still out whether having a mobile phone so close to your head can feed your brain harmful levels of radiation. Various studies have been done to calculate the risks involved, and while many have been contradictory, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Speaking of being safe, some people sleep with their phones under the blankets or even under their pillow. Phones are not designed to be covered completely and need the airholes exposed for proper ventilation.

Cheap charging cables can also lead to fires, as the materials used are not certified for use with particular phones.

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