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Don’t buy a MacBook or iPad until next month

Your tax return is looking good and you have a need for a new MacBook or iPad, so it makes sense to start looking and maybe even buy one. You check the sites, shop around and start to narrow in on your choice.

The price is right, you found one that does everything you want and now it’s time to take the plunge. Don’t.

It’s not that you should avoid a MacBook or iPad or anything like that. Both are excellent devices that have been good purchases for people over many years and would likely do the same for you.

The timing is not quite right

While it makes all the sense in the world to do research and shop around some, it turns out now is not the exact time to be investing in a MacBook or iPad because reports are a new MacBook Air, and possibly a new iPad, will be coming out in the next couple of months. To top off the updated MacBook Air’s release, rumors say it will come with a lower price tag than previous versions.

A svelter version of the traditional MacBook, the MacBook Air was designed to be more travel-friendly than its bigger brother while boasting the ease of use and higher-end technology Apple fans have come to expect.

The MacBook Air first hit the scene 10 years ago, and while it was popular, it has kind of lagged behind in terms of hardware. That has led some people to turn away from the device despite the benefits it brings to the table.

But if the rumors are true, the next version of the MacBook Air could see an upgrade in a number of areas, including processing power, screen quality and various ports. Will it all be enough to entice you to buy one instead of a more powerful MacBook or an iPad? The MacBook Air tries to occupy the space in between those two — less bulky and furnished than a MacBook but bigger and with a few more bells and whistles than an iPad — and for the right price, may very well be worth your time.

In short, here is what we can (hopefully) expect from the new devices:

MacBook Air

  • A faster processor than the 1.8 GHz or 2.2 GHz models currently available
  • An updated display, since Taiwanese touchscreen supplier General Interface Solutions is expecting a large order from Apple for LCD displays
  • A lower price point than the $999 current MacBook Air


  • An entry-level price of $259
  • Face ID? A popular feature on the iPhone X, it would make sense to see it on an iPad
  • Either the A11 Bionic chip found in iPhone X or possibly the A11X Bionic chip, which would give the iPad even better graphics and performance than its smaller relatives

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