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Does Samsung have a battery problem with its new phone too?

So do you remember the huge battery fiasco Samsung had with its Galaxy Note 7 phone? The devices were overheating and exploding, causing a massive recall.

It turned out the first batteries used were too big for its casing, damaging the electrodes, which caused them to overheat. But in their haste to fix the issues, the replacement batteries had a defect as well.

And now it seems there is another battery-related issue in its latest phone.

Galaxy Note 8 issues

This doesn’t look good for Samsung, another battery issue after all the ones before. Can Samsung be trusted? Will this be on some people’s minds when shopping for a new phone?

The issues arising with the new phones actually involve a lack of charging. Some people are reporting that when they plug in, nothing happens.

It appears that it happens when the phone goes completely dead and turns off. When the owner goes to charge it back up, it simply doesn’t do anything. That would be very frustrating.

What are your options?

If this happens to you, try going through the phone’s warranty. Some people have posted to Samsung’s help forum and have received repairs or even new devices.

Samsung has not officially commented yet. So it’s not known how widespread the issue might be. But if it’s as large of a scale as their previous battery issues, they will have some tough decisions ahead.

But at least this time, the phones don’t seem to be exploding.

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