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Do you live in one of the noisiest places in America?

Living in a lively area means you’re never too far from the excitement. But it also means you’re never too far from all the noise. With honking horns, passing trains, and planes taking off, it can be hard (if not impossible) to get a moment of peace and quiet.

If you live in or near an urban environment then noise is something you deal with daily. But just how noisy is your city and how does it compare to other noisy cities? The U.S. government recently released a special map that shows noise density all over America.

For the first time ever, data about the noise from plane and automobiles is available to the public. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics is presenting this data through the National Transportation Noise Map. The information is meant to be used as a guide for “city planning, transportation investment, research and even personal and family decisions.”

It’s no surprise that areas near airports are the loudest but the map gives insight on just how loud it can get. As you can see on the map below of Southern California, the areas near the Los Angeles International Airport (west), John Wayne Airport (south), and Ontario International Aiport (east) range from 75-90 decibels. Vacuum cleaners can reach 70 – 79 decibels and anything over 80 is comparable to a garbage disposal.

Click here to see the entire map and get a closer look at where you live. And if noise is already a problem for you then check out these Noise Isolation Earbuds from the Komando Shop. They block outside noise when you listen to music and they’re on sale for just $14.99.

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